Progress Update 467

Oh boy, its been over a week since I last posted. Considering this, I am kinda ashamed to say that I am still not finished with the bear yet. I have half a leg, two arms and the assembly to complete but really, it could have been all completed at least two days ago. Before […]

Been Awhile

At least it feels like it has been ages since I posted. I am sure each day I have missed I would have had a butt load to write but I was lazy and wanted to enjoy my short weekend. I will definitely touch up on some key points to the last few days though. […]


I know I am slacking on my blog but some days I just don’t have anything to say. I mean, what can I talk about, work? They things I would talk about would probably get me in a little trouble if posted here and this blog was found. So I would rather not. Life after […]

Sore Fingers

Last night I spent a good two hours just straight knitting. My pinky on my left hand was starting to cramp up. I was able to complete the front piece of the head. Tonight I plan on adding eyes, a nose and mouth and then sewing it all up. Then I will move onto the […]

Snowboarding Trip

Here are a few photos from the snowboarding trip. I didn’t take many because I didn’t want to accidentally drop my camera in the snow. Everything was so wet so I didn’t want to chance ruining my new camera. We went snowboarding at Hyundai Sungwoo Resort near Wonju. I guess there was the 2009 FIS […]

Mr. Bean’s Teddy

My very first knitting project was Mr. Bean’s teddy bear. It took me a whole month (feb 04) to complete the bear all in garter stitch. Well I have recently found out this little girl loves Mr. Bean so I decided to make a new one for her. I also wanted to see how my […]

Snow Day

Today it snowed. Which I find fantastic because it does not snow very often in Korea. At least in Seoul it doesn’t. Out of the four years I have been here I think I have only seen snow in the city about 6 times and probably 5 out of those 6 days the snow melted […]

Weekend Freedom

I can not wait for this weekend. I have four days off total and I desperately need them. I can’t stand updating my blogs or anything else of that matter on my computer at work because of the high security levels placed on these computers. It is completely ridiculous. They recently blocked Facebook, MySpace has […]


I finished my first swatch last night and blocked it. Sadly, it does not meet my gauge requirement for the upcoming sweater I will be knitting. I will have to try again tonight with bigger size needles in hopes that this will work. If not, I am not sure what I am going to do. Also finished […]

First Post

So…I want to think that maybe, just possibly, I should have a seperate blog from PinkBiscotticrafts for everything else I might want to talk about. I am sure that not everyone will want to hear (or read) what has been bothering me on a particular day unless it has to do with crafts or vise […]