Weekend Freedom

I can not wait for this weekend. I have four days off total and I desperately need them. I can’t stand updating my blogs or anything else of that matter on my computer at work because of the high security levels placed on these computers. It is completely ridiculous. They recently blocked Facebook, MySpace has been blocked for years, and YouTube only wants to work sometimes but at least they did unblock that.

Below is part of an email I received yesterday about “Information Assurance”:

2) Don’t stream videos to your desktop

3) Don’t have passwords written where a person can see them (i.e. sticky yellow notes posted on your monitor)

4) Don’t have USB Cables connected to your desktop

5) Don’t have non-approved (personal) laptops in the office

6) Don’t listen to music streamed from the Web.

Its really retarded I think. I mean, I sit at my desk from about 7:30 am to 5 pm almost everyday…sometimes I get an hour and a half for lunch, and if I have no work, what am I suppose to do, just sit idly? If I do that, I get in trouble. Life in the military can be very unfair. Most of the time I just knit when I have no work but that’s pushing it too. I can only get away with it because my boss is currently in the states for a conference and the person in charge doesn’t mind as long as work that does come through is processed in a timely manner.

Back to the weekend. Right now, the plans are to go snowboarding two of the four days so I am excited. I am going to be in a lot of pain afterwards though. I have not done vigorous activity in a long time and this is like the worst of it. But it will be a lot of fun. I am hoping that the weather will be nice those days. Its been very cold and windy lately. It currently says that its 5 degrees Fahrenheit…oh wait…it just updated to 14 degrees…wow…it knew I was talking about it and decided to update (I use the Vista sidebar weather widget).

Other than snowboarding though, I plan on knitting, watching movies, grocery shopping, and updating this (and the other) blog with photos. Thats about it. Will post about the snowboarding trip.


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