Snow Day

Today it snowed. Which I find fantastic because it does not snow very often in Korea. At least in Seoul it doesn’t. Out of the four years I have been here I think I have only seen snow in the city about 6 times and probably 5 out of those 6 days the snow melted by noon. Today it might look like it will last most of the day if it will just keep snowing. Just wish it was bad enough to send everyone home for the day. That would be great.

What’s even better is there will snow on the mountains for snowboarding. I hate when the hill is covered in fake snow….its just not as smooth and soft and enjoyable to fall in. Plus it gets very icy fast….which makes it hard to snowboard on.

Last night was rough. Boyfriend and I are having a tough time together because of the impending fact that the military will seperate us soon and so with all the stress little annoyances are becoming huge ones making him think (and I sometimes) that it might be better to go our seperate ways now. I personnally don’t want to. This guy is great, everything I want…I would love to be with him for a lot longer. We are kinda in a limbo right now.


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