Snowboarding Trip

Here are a few photos from the snowboarding trip. I didn’t take many because I didn’t want to accidentally drop my camera in the snow. Everything was so wet so I didn’t want to chance ruining my new camera. We went snowboarding at Hyundai Sungwoo Resort near Wonju. I guess there was the 2009 FIS Snowboarding Championship competition going on this weekend but when we got there, they were having the award ceremony. 

Anyway, we left at about 10 am but we didn’t find the hotel until 3:30 pm. We got kinda lost and did a lot of stopping. We did make a necessary stop for food so I guess you can’t count that. The restaurant was fantastic. It was what most Americans call a Beef and Leaf. You have a little grill built into the table and you order some meat and make it right there, then you mix it with some of the free side dishes that you get and put it in a leaf and eat it. Personally, I don’t like any of the side dishes that you get so I just eat the meat. We ordered tenderloin and it was great. 

To see more pictures, please click on the link that says “my photos”. 
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