Sore Fingers

Last night I spent a good two hours just straight knitting. My pinky on my left hand was starting to cramp up. I was able to complete the front piece of the head. Tonight I plan on adding eyes, a nose and mouth and then sewing it all up. Then I will move onto the body piece. My goal was to have this project done by next weekend but I don’t think that will be entirely possible. I have so much to do with this. Working 9 hours a day really doesn’t help me out either. But I must make due with the time I do have each day.

I ordered two books amigurumi books from Amazon two weeks ago and they have still not arrived. I find this odd because before the holidays, things ordered from amazon were arriving within the week….now they are taking forever. I also ordered some plastic safety eyes from either on the same day or the day before and I have yet to see those. I want to think that I might have been scammed there since my credit card has been charged for them. More or less, I think the mail system just plains sucks sometimes. Its even worse when you have an APO address. I wanted to order this really nice yarn from but they don’t ship APO so I searched elsewhere….and no one ships APO. Just a word of knowledge, APO stands for Army Post Office and its part of USPS which means it cost the same to send as if sending to any state in the US. It’s suck a pain.

Well, enough of that. I will post a photo when I am finished with the head of the bear.


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