I know I am slacking on my blog but some days I just don’t have anything to say. I mean, what can I talk about, work? They things I would talk about would probably get me in a little trouble if posted here and this blog was found. So I would rather not. Life after work feels so short. Just a few hours after work before I go to bed to ensure I have enough sleep to make it thought the next day and currently they are being sucked up with a knitting project that I am trying to finish in the next few days. It always feels like I never have enough time for everything I want to do.

Well, next Monday I am going snowboarding again but its only going to be a day trip. I am just a little iffy about the time it will take to travel. Monday is Lunar New Year and here in Korea, that’s one of there major holidays so people send most of the weekend traveling home. This makes traffic horrific. There are too many people and too many cars to fit in this little country the size of Illinois. I remember during one holiday that is just as bad as this for traveling, I hopped into a cab to go to a place that normally takes 5 minutes to get to. Well the traffic was so bad that it took over a half hour to get there. It was ridiculous. So I am just a little worried about this trip on Monday. I was told its only 40 minutes away but I know it will be worse. And I have to work the next day so I am worried I won’t get home til real late. Will definitely have to post how long it actually took to get there and back.

Ooh, something of excitement…next wednesday I will find out when I will finally get my braces removed. I am very excited about that. Had these bad boys for over two years now. A few months ago I had surgery on my lower jaw to fix my over bite and I was told that shortly after that I would be done with braces. Yay!! The great perk is…all of this was free. Thank you military!


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