Creepy and Cute!

I finally received this book in the mail the other day after a crazy long wait. Seriously, I ordered on January 7th and I finally got it on 23 February. I wrote all about it in my other blog, And Everything Else. You can find more patterns from the author at But dispite the […]

Face Wash!

This morning I had a dental appointment. I have had braces for a little over two years now with a lower jaw surgey a few months ago. I am very close to the braces coming off. I am thinking it will be April or May. I am leaning in hopes for April. 😉 Anyway, the […]

My Work Load

Sometimes I really, really hate my job. I can’t even really classify what I do because I do some of the stupidest things. Between planning travels and making birthday cards…I don’t do too much else. I think to think that if I decide to get out of the army, I might have a good job […]


Its exactly that…wednesday. But thats ok. Only means I have two more days of work before the weekend.  Its been a few days and I have been working a few different things.  This is Big Blue, well his body and his unfinished head behind him. 🙂 You can purchase the pattern from Tamie Snow at […]

I’m Confused!

I guess I am not single….he was just upset about something I did. I don’t blame him, I am known to do some really stupid things. But the good things is, he forgives me and we are moving pass it. Enough boy stuff though. Was just playing around on I am kinda ticked off […]

Cool Crafty Sites

In my everyday boredom at work, I tend to play around on others blogs that I like and take a gander and what they like. Somehow I come across some pretty cool stuff so I thought I would share with everyone else. Yesterday, I happened to add two new sited to my bookmarks. The first […]


Sorry I haven’t been updating. I have had a busy weekend and I ended up getting very sick. I think the worst is over but still have the bad cough. I really hate being sick. Not one of my favorite things to do and in my profession, I can’t call in sick. You either have […]

An Update on Projects

I finished Mr. Bean’s Teddy Bear on Monday. I worked my butt off during the weekend to get it finished. Now that I am finished with the bear and the recipient is happy in love with it, I have moved on to what I want to complete. I have decided to work on three different projects at […]