Scared Sleepless

I hate when things startle me when I am asleep. Last night at about 3 am my computer decided to restart itself. The noise of it turning back on and the bright light of the screen definitely pulled me out of my sleep with a scare. I really hate when this happens too. Normally I am such a sound sleeper that I can sleep right though a thunder strom thats right over head but lately, lots of things have been waking me. It happened Monday morning also but to the shouting of someone down the hall at 9 am. I think they were cheering for the Superbowl game. (Since we are ahead in Korea, the game was on the next morning in order to see it live.) But the point is, how can I hear someone cheering at the complete opposite end of the building from where I am when the whole building is made of concret walls? Its crazy.

Maybe I am just stressed. Who knows.


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