I’m Confused!

I guess I am not single….he was just upset about something I did. I don’t blame him, I am known to do some really stupid things. But the good things is, he forgives me and we are moving pass it.

Enough boy stuff though.

Was just playing around on Amazon.com. I am kinda ticked off because I ordered a book from one of the sellers associated with Amazon (you know where you can get the new and used for cheaper). Well I ordered a book on January 7th and I have still not received it yet. It said shipment was estimated between the 13th and the 29th of January but I still have not seen it.

I read through some of the sellers feedback from just the 16th and 17th of February and good hand ful had the same problem as me. I have emailed the seller but from the other feedback, I shouldn’t expect any kind of response. I can’t believe they ripped me off. I am kinda debating on reordering the book straight from Amazon but I know if I do, the book would probably show right but in my mailbox the next day. Not that I would mind having two of the same book…it could make a good gift. But having to go through all the trouble again would be a bummer. I think I will just give it a few more days.

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