My Work Load

Sometimes I really, really hate my job. I can’t even really classify what I do because I do some of the stupidest things. Between planning travels and making birthday cards…I don’t do too much else.

I think to think that if I decide to get out of the army, I might have a good job in travel. Can’t be that hard when I plan one or two trips a month for my boss who happens to be the pickest person around when traveling. Can’t really blame her though, she flies from Korea to the states a lot…and not just Korea to California, I mean Korea to the east coast direct. Thats like a 14 or 15 hour flight. I did it once….will hope to never do it again too. I do the works though, I book the flights to specific airports, make reservations with a specific car rental company, and make hotel reservations at a certain hotel.

See, I’m quite talented. I am just glad that most of the work can be done over the internet because making phone calls to the states can be such a hassle. Time difference, phone card pin numbers…everything. I don’t know how people worked in the army before without computers.

Today though, I was tasked with making birthday cards for all my coworkers who have a birthday in February and March. Its about ten people but still, quite a boring task when you aren’t really close with the person. Again, I think the a computer and Microsoft Office Publisher for having templates already made up for me so it was as easy as adding the persons name and then printing. Ha, I am so lazy! Oh well, got the job done in about 30 minutes and was able to move on to this post.


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