Face Wash!

This morning I had a dental appointment. I have had braces for a little over two years now with a lower jaw surgey a few months ago. I am very close to the braces coming off. I am thinking it will be April or May. I am leaning in hopes for April. 😉

Anyway, the appointment went fine. Tighten the crap out of them and then added elastics….not something I particularly like. I had to wear elastics for about a month when I had my surgery (Better than having my jaw wired shut though). After all the tightening and adding more little wires (and I thought it was going to be simple near the end), I was scheduled for a teeth cleaning. I will admit, it was my first teeth cleaning since I had the braces put on. I didn’t know you could get your teeth cleaned with braces…and no one told me either (all my dental work was provided by military orthos and surgeons on a military post). So, right before the cleaning started, the lady said that a little water would splash around. Let me tell you, I got like a whole face wash. It was horrible. She got water everywhere!! I had to grab the paper towel on my chest to catch water rolling down my neck. When this happened, I don’t think she was expecting it and then moved the water sprayer tool and it sprayed my chin before she stopped pushing the button. I was kinda ticked because all my makeup was being washed away. Thankfully it didn’t last very long.

This has been my day so far.

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