Update on projects

Considering its been a few days since my last post it would be smart for me to have something to show for my absence. Its not much but its something. This is the Fawn 2.0 pattern by Elisabeth Doherty. She makes the most wonderful amigurumi dolls and I appreciate her taking the time to make patterns for me […]

Trip to Pyeongtaek

  Today I had to go to Camp Humphrey’s to take a survey before I go to BNCOC (this is a mandatory school/developmental program for enlisted Army personnel). Camp Humphrey’s is located in Pyongtaek, Korea which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Seoul. And this is with no traffic. 🙂     Also, […]

School and Knitting

I received an email this morning from my school saying that I was finally enrolled in Graphic Design. FINALLY!! It took 4 months for everything to get taken care of. Sucks that it took so long but I am just glad that its all taken care of now. Just waiting on the class material to […]

WordPress Blog

I am running a trial run with WordPress.com’s blog system to see if it works better for me because there are a few things I just don’t like about blogger.com. This is the reason why I have not been posting here. If you would like to see what I have been up to please fly […]

Crazy Night Tuesday!

Last night, I was going to work on this blog some more. Try to see what its potential is but the whole night was taken up by cleaning….a lot of cleaning.  I am in the Army and in the Army if you are not married or have children you have to live in buildings that […]

My Lil Niece

This is my niece, Graycelyn Naydne, my younger sister, Ayla’s daugther. I guess Ayla found a cool MySpace app or something (I don’t know), where you can make projects and she did this for Graycelyn. She has several more but I didn’t want to convert them all to jpegs. Here is my favorite picture of […]

Sweater Progress

I guess its a better time then ever to post an update of the sweater. Well, its the first with photos really. Lol! I should be dusting and sweeping right now but I will later. 🙂Here is what it looks like so far. You can see I still have to sew the pocket backing down […]

Just a Few Photos

Hola! Here are a few photos from the game. You can find more photos here.  We ended up leaving a half hour early because it was late and I had to get up early the next morning and it was so cold that night. While we were there, neither team made a goal. There were a […]