Sweater Progress

I guess its a better time then ever to post an update of the sweater. Well, its the first with photos really. Lol! I should be dusting and sweeping right now but I will later. 🙂

Here is what it looks like so far. You can see I still have to sew the pocket backing down and finish the other sleeve and the yoke but its pretty good I think for my first sweater. There are few discrepancies but what can you expect and there was no way I was going to go back several rounds to fix it. *_* 

The pattern does not call for a bold strip but I added one because one day I realized that I might not have enough yarn to complete the sweater and then I went to pick up more, the “dealer” had run out (it was on sale due to running out). So, I figured I would add a strip in just to save me. That one strip was one ball of yarn (100g) plus one round of another ball. So you can see how much yarn is used up in this sweater. 

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