Crazy Night Tuesday!

Last night, I was going to work on this blog some more. Try to see what its potential is but the whole night was taken up by cleaning….a lot of cleaning. 

I am in the Army and in the Army if you are not married or have children you have to live in buildings that are called Barracks. If you don’t know what that is, they are building that have several rooms in them that can house a certain amount of people. I happen to live in one that houses two people per room and we have to share a bathroom. I am lucky enough to have my own room because of my rank. Anyway, in most barracks there are common areas like laundry rooms, dayrooms with tvs and a kitchen. Since Wednesday mornings in my barracks are inspection mornings, everything needs to be cleaned. You can only imagine how filthy a place can get when you have over 50 people living there and everyone uses the same kitchen and such. And let me tell you, everyone who lives in these barracks is an adult but I swear more then half live like children. I helped a friend clean the kitchen last night and it took about 45 minutes and 25 disinfecting wipes to clean the stove and microwave. We were lucky that new counter tops, cabinets and a sink was installed  that day so we didn’t have to clean any of that. But seriously….its crazy how people can live so poorly and not care.

After this was finished I still had to clean my room in case the First Sergeant wanted to inspected my room in the morning. That took you the rest of my evening because I had to organize, sweep and dust and clean my bathroom. I live decently but like I said, living with 50 other people, dust and dirt and everything else just flies in and makes everything nasty all over again. Doesn’t help that in Korea we are experiencing Yellow Dust already and that gets everywhere!!!!!

When I was finished, I watched the ‘Fishsticks’ episode of South Park and then crawled into bed because I had to be up at 4:30am for the inspection. Which didn’t even happen because the First Sergeant didn’t show up. Anyway, that was my night. I was so distracted that I didn’t even get a chance to do what I wanted in the first place. I hate when this happens….and it normally does because I never have enough time to do the things I want.

P.S. Why does the spell checker think I spelled blog wrong? I had assumed since ‘blog’ is a very common word and thing that it would be in whatever dictionary they use for spell checkers.


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