School and Knitting

I received an email this morning from my school saying that I was finally enrolled in Graphic Design. FINALLY!! It took 4 months for everything to get taken care of. Sucks that it took so long but I am just glad that its all taken care of now. Just waiting on the class material to arrive in the mail. Might take another two weeks if I am unlucky.

Also, last night I decided it was time to push the sweater I was knitting to the side. I didn’t get much farther than I was before. Just the torso piece and one and a half sleeves done. I was getting very tried of it and though, ‘It wouldn’t hurt to put it away for now…I can just finish it when it gets colder out.’ Which is true. The sweater is from the Holiday 08 edition of Vogue Knitting and its knitted from bulky/heavy yarn so it would be kinda useless in the hot summer months.

I did start on the Shipwreak Shawl by Bethany Kok. I think this a very beautiful piece. I do not intend to wear it but actually use it as a piece of art and hang it (or frame it) when complete. This is my first time ever doing something like this (lace like) and working with double pointed needles but the experience is great and I think I got down how to use the dpns. I do think I might restart the shawl tonight because it looks a little choppy in the middle.

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