Update on projects

Considering its been a few days since my last post it would be smart for me to have something to show for my absence. Its not much but its something.

Fawn by GourmetAmigurumiThis is the Fawn 2.0 pattern by Elisabeth Doherty. She makes the most wonderful amigurumi dolls and I appreciate her taking the time to make patterns for me to buy at such reasonable prices. 🙂

You can find her website by clicking on the photo. 


Below is a photo of Big Blue. A pattern from Tamie Snow of Roxycraft.com. I have been working on this guy for quite a while but I haven’t made much progress from my last post of this guy on my old blog.

Big Blue






    I have to reposition his teeth and make another arm but I am almost done. I am such a procrastinator. o_O


Shawl Update!

I have also been working on the shawl…trying to keep putting at least an hour into each night. I would have posted a photo but since it is an circular needles now I cannot lay it out flat to show the progress. When I change it over to a larger set of needles I will try to get some pictures though. 


No NameLastly is this lil’ guy. He has no name yet but I made him all by myself (with a little inspiration from Melissa Sue). I heart her work so much. I really wish she would make some patterns or a book or something. 

This is as far as I got on the guy until I can think of what to make of him. Should he be tall, short, fat, skinny? I don’t know yet, so for now, he is without his body. *_*





Ps. I have now started to add photos to Flickr.com. Come check out more of my photos.

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