Doot! Where does the time go? I had such a stressful and frustrating week last week. All work related so thats ok…nothing personal.

Anyway, yesterday I found some cute patterns to embrioder sometime soon from LollyChops. But I am still waiting for all my supplies to arrive in the mail.

I swear…sometimes Amazon is great…and sometimes its crap. I am getting things from other websites that I ordered after, before. Aargh!!

At least I did receive something in the mail. 🙂 I got the beads for the shawl I am working on. At first I didn’t think I wanted to add the beads but the more I thought about it and the more I read comments on Ravelry.com and on Bethany’s blog, I figured adding the beads would be the best thing if I want it to be close to the original…or just hang right. O.o  Someone was kind enough to leave a comment on Bethany’s blog letting all of us (the one’s making the shawl) where we could purchase the beads (EarthFaire) due to the fact they were hard to find…czech glass beads in the right size and color that is. 



Here are the colors I choose.


More updates later!!

P.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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