Snail, Yarn, and Randomness.

Oh my! I am stressed the craft out! I got so many things going on once again. 
Mmm...pretty!Recently I purchased more worsted weigh yarn from the local craft area of Seoul. I got 5 one-pound things of yarn. I don’t know what to call them…anyway, I think they are one pound. I can’t really weigh them but the lady said they were. This I found odd because anytime a Korean talked to me about weight it’s in kilograms. But she said one pound was 6,000 won. I was like, cool. So these are the colors I choose…

I have two of the five colors currently rolled into balls (each making 3 large balls). I hate doing it by hand but I don’t have a swift or ball winder yet. I plan a purchasing them when I get home or when I get settled in Germany. I have no idea yet. So, thats a big pain in the butt, the winding manually anyway.




I also made this snail the other day. I purchased the pattern from Gourmet Amigurumi if you would like to make your own. I have to learn a few new stitches but its great experience. 🙂 I am still waiting on her to post her Fox pattern. So lovely!!!



There was more I was going to write about in this post but I have forgotten. I have some much crap on my mind making it hard to get all the good stuff down.

I am working on some other things at the moment so when they are finished I will post. 🙂

‘Till then!

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