And I Shall Call Him Squishy!

amigurumi knitsI found this great book the other day in our tiny, pathetic book section at the PX on post. Well, its not too pathetic because of lately, they have been stocking up with some great knitting, crocheting, and sewing books…even one sewing book that is $40. I want it but now not for that much! ^_^

Anyway, this is the book. Its called Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh.

I am not too fond of knitted toys because they feel as if they are not worked as tightly as crocheted toys are but the Praying Mantis on the cover suckered me in to at least flip through it. Thats when I saw the jellyfish!! I knew I had to have the book then. It is the cutest thing yet.

I haven’t actually started to make him yet but I will soon…probably start right after I post this blog. 😛  I plan on making him from the lighter green yarn from the previous post. Depending on how easy he is to make I will probably make one from the blues and a pink also and then hang them somewhere to display. And I shall call them all Squishy for Dory! ^_^


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