One Year

Sorry but Squishy went on strike. I am sure I can convince him to come back and be finished sometime soon. 

In the mean time, I have taken a stab at embroidery. I found this cute calendar on LollyChop’s website and thought it would make for a great project. What I plan is to do one each month and then post it here. Kinda like a little guarantee post. 🙂 Well I happen to grab the first photo from the pile I printed and didn’t bother to look at what month it was. I accidentally did July’s first. Not too big of a deal because I am going to be very busy this summer and might fall behind anyway so I guess its good to have it done now. 

I finished May’s tonight.
This first photo was just the outline. I used tracing paper to make a stencil and a regular white gel pen I found the other day.

I found these quite easy, great for a beginner like myself. 🙂 I hope to be able to do lots of different things in the near future.



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