Grandpa and Me!

Memories….this is me in 1987…almost 3 years old and my step-grandpa. He died when I was in 2nd grade but I do remember his amazing french toast on saturday mornings. I miss those days. Sun pouring in through my grandparents large living room window, watching Saturday cartoons and playing with legos and hot wheels.

Valentine’s Trip

I know its been a little while but I just got back to Germany after spending a little more than a week with my husband back home. I wanted us to spend our first Valentine’s Day together. We didn’t do much. Hung out in Kansas City the first night I was home, then went to […]

Airplane Fun

So I am trying to figure out what I might wanna knit on my upcoming 10 hour flight. I’m flying from Frankfurt, Germany to Kansas City, MO with on lay over. I want to have some kinda project with me when I am flying but nothing huge. I like to try to travel light. I’m […]

Granny Squares

DSC01513 copy Originally uploaded by slgarcia09 So, last night in my utter boredom, I decided I would start a granny square blanket. Not that I have enough blankets in progress. But I needed to do something and thats all I have for right now that isn’t something I am tired of already. So here is […]


My husband said this morning, its a new month, a new week and¬†a new day and I find that very true (for obvious reasons) but for other reasons also. This past weekend was a rough one. There is a lot going on in my life that isn’t always good and honestly, I’m the one to […]