Places to Live

Currently my husband and I are in the Army, we are both also looking forward to separating from the Army sometime this year. We have been contemplating where we would move to once we are out of the Army since we do not want to stay in small town Kansas. We originally were going to move to Philadelphia since thats where his daughter lives but after some research, it just didn’t seem financially good for us. So we thought we would go back to Colorado since thats where my husband is from. It’s beautiful, affordable and a large city…something I want. But then the other night my husband said he wanted to move somewhere else where there is no military or anyone we really know so we can have a fresh start. So today, I have been on the hunt and it’s not that easy. I found a list from Money Magazine listing the top 10 places to live in 2009. I looked into those….way too expensive. 😦 So I started fresh.

My husband recently had to go to San Antonio for work and told me that I would love it there and that he liked it too. So remembering this, I looked into it. And luckily, it’s a cheap place to live also. Also found out that Oklahoma City, Nashville, and Scranton, PA are decently affordable for our budget. See we want to find at least a 3 bedroom home so we have a room for his daughter to visit, and a spare bedroom for either my craft stuff, his mini gym (if we don’t find a place with a garage) or a nursery ( 😉 ).

I am sure that the hunt will continue but I hope that soon we can finally pick a place and start working on looking for a home and jobs and start building this family I want so bad.

Wish us luck!


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