First day back to work in about a week and a half. Nothing new going on. Sitting around waiting for information in order to get some work done. One bad thing about working admin in the Army, most always have to wait for information from another source in order to get a job done and normally that other source feels like they have something more important to do since they are higher ranking in the chain. It blows.

Also sitting around waiting to get my paperwork “read” to me so I can move along the process of me getting out of the military. Its a matter of weeks now but just sitting here is starting to piss me off. The paperwork say “expedite” but currently its just sitting. Again with the higher ranks feeling that other things are more important. I can’t wait to be out and with my husband all the time.

And that brings up the thought about how weird it was to see my husband after 2 months of being apart. We were both happy to see one another but we also both felt the oddity of being with our spouses again. It was like, how are we suppose to act like a married couple? We were so use to being apart and only talking via Yahoo and the phone. We got back into it though and are both glad we won’t have to wait 2 more months or longer to see one another again. Like I said, a matter of weeks now…..if only I can get these people to get on top of this.

Anyway, I am kinda having a crafter’s block…like a writer’s block. I have a few things I would like to work on but I just can’t find the motivation and drive to start them. It sucks! I hope this funk doesn’t last too long and I can get back into making cute things again.

Can’t wait to go home!

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