Ok…so a ton has been going on. I’ll start with knitting….

The shawl is on its way, I had some problems with one of the patterns and I have to rip out a few rounds but I found some good information on Ravelry.com that helped a lot. Now I am on to the last part of the shawl where I work what feels like a million yo,k2tog rounds. I will update with a photo when I get the chance.

Which brings me to moving. I finally got my packet signed and my orders that states I am legally outta the army on 17 March 2010!!!! WOOT! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I have been doing the army thing for the last 6 years. Its all I know. Hopefully things will work out, I will find a good job and the hubby and I will do great. The hubby is also in the army but he is looking at getting out in June. But he might already have a job lined up in the on-post hospital, which would be fantastic!!! He would be getting paid more as a civilian then he does right now as a soldier. Kinda sad huh but true. Right now, we just have our fingers crossed.

Anyways, back to me….I know I ramble a lot. So, since I got my orders yesterday, I have been running around trying to get signatures (the term is called clearing) from all these random places. I have almost everything done. Just 3 or 4 more signatures and I’m done.

Senor Frog getting ready for his long journey.

This morning the movers came and took all my things. Its very lonely without having my things with me and I don’t expect to see them until May. I wish the army wasn’t so cheap as to send my things via boat but its what they do so I must wait.

All my stuff is in that big crate.

Other random things….

I follow this blog called MADE by Dana. She was having a giveaway with Yuliya from Forever You so I decided I would enter. Entering most blog giveaways usually only require you to leave a comment to that post. Simple enough huh? I do it a lot though….whenever I see a good giveaway, and normally I don’t win, which is ok. But this time, I did! My name is on someone else’s blog!! So freaking exciting!

Anyway, I won a little name bracelet so I requested my niece’s name for the bracelet and have it sent to her. She is a little cutie-pie so I know she will enjoy it!

Thats about it as of lately. Just gonna spend the weekend knitting and watching TV on Hulu.


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