Its been a while since my last post. I have done a lotta things too. I don’t really know where to start though so I’ll just go about randomly.

Crafty-wise…I finished my new nieces granny square blanket. But I don’t have a picture to show. 😦 I started a new granny square blanket for my other niece. Its made outta giant squares πŸ™‚ Thats about it. I do plan on using my sewing machine more often in the future.

Looking for jobs and homes in Colorado. Was thinking Denver at first but the housing market is way to expensive so it might be the Springs for now til a job can be secured. Probably moving sometime in the middle of July. Still waiting on hubby’s packet to come back from Fort Lewis to know exactly when we can move outta this horrible state. Sorry Kansas, you are just not for me.

There will be two new additions to the Garcia family in as little as 23 days. My hubby got me two little puppies but they are still too young to come home. They are lab/retriever/chow mixes that I named Charlie and Tulo. Well I convinced my hubby to name one Tulo after his favorite Colorado Rockies player, Troy Tulowitzki. The breeder was kind enough to take pictures of the pups so here is what they look like.



I can’t wait til they get to come home! So cute!!!

Lastly, I am back in school. I am currently learning how to become a dog groomer and then I might try studying to be a vet technician. We will see.


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