Camping This Weekend!

I’m going camping this weekend. Yay! I’m excited. The hubby and I are taking a trip to Colorado so he can get his motorcycle endorsement on his license and I suggested that we go fishing, and then camping came up! So we are planning a small camping and fishing trip to Manitou Lake (i think its call) just outside the Springs.

I haven’t been fishing since I was probably 7 or 8 years old on a school field trip and camping, its been a long while and I’m not even counting all the times I “camped” while in the army. Nope….that was just torture, not fun.

So today, I am working on a list of everything we might possibly need for a camping trip. Just wish we had our puppies with us already. That would be so great to have them. Soon though…very soon. 17 days to be exact!

Hopefully I get lots of good pictures from the trip!


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