Geez Louise!

Holy Cow! I just realized how long it has been since I last posted. A lot has gone down.

Life – Hubby and I moved to Colorado Springs on July 15th. I enjoy it here very much. A month later I got a job working at Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. I’m an admin coordinator. Its a good job and I make more than I did in the Army. 🙂

Puppies – The puppies are big. So awesome. Their personalities really showing.

Tulo is on the left and Charlie is on the right. This was taken about a month ago. These lil buggers eat everything. Charlie managed to get a monopoly piece, pooped that out. Tulo ate a stuffed animal scarf and pooped that out with ease. They are amazing.

Family – Hubby finally retired from the Army. Brianna came to visit and we had new portriats taken. Hubby;s aunt also came to visit at the same time so I finally got to meet her. Hubby and I are also house hunting. I enjoy looking at all the different places. I love the new homes we look at but this older one down the street from my work is very ideal. Huge yard for the dogs, cul-de-sac, awesome loft-like office room, beautiful hardwood floors. Just perfect I think.

Ignore the words across the picture. I haven’t had time to acutally scan in the real photos.

Crafts- I am still knitting and crocheting in what seems to be a busy life. I just finished a giant granny square blanket for my niece for her upcoming birthday. She is gonna be 3 years old. So big and the cutest age. I just started knitting a cardigan. I am hoping to get it done by the middle of next month if not sooner. Will be very nice if I get it done sooner. 🙂

Other than all that….not too much more going on. I will try to update more often. Probably with updates on the knitting and what not.

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