Sadly I didn’t make my goal this weekend to finish the back piece. I am only 4 or 5 rows away from finishing though so if I get a chance today I will have it finished. A lot of stuff came up this weekend and knitting just wasn’t one of them.

On the plus side, hubby and I found the house we want. It is smaller than we had originally were looking for. Still has three bedrooms but missing the garage that hubby wanted. But we both love it. The landscaping is beautiful. Some som minor changes there. The whole inside has been remodled. The kitchen is gorgeous! And its only the next street over from his grandpas so its perfect. We are only waiting on the price. We are thinking its $110,000 but no more than $130,000. Its very very nice. I hope we hear back soon on how much it is so we can start rolling the ball on everything.

I can’t wait to have a yard for my puppies!

P.s. If we got that house, our puppies would have 4 Shar-Pei neighbors!


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