Emerald Isle Cardigan

I was able to find a few photos of the cardigan I am knititng and thought I should probably give the designer some credit. I found this cardigan in the Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene. There are actually 4 different sweaters by the same designer in the magazine and I plan to make all of them because I love them but I decided to make this one first. I don’t know why, it took a lot of debating with myself but I finally made the decision, the Emerald Isle Cardigan.

Melissa Wehrle is the designer. Like I mentioned she has other patterns in the same magazine that I look forward to knitting this one just seemed right for right now and for the yarn I have (I mentioned the yarn in a earlier post). It will work well for the upcoming Colorado winter months, not that I know what they are like since this will be my first winter here. 🙂


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