Doh! Moment

I had a spout of self bashing yesterday. When I finished knitting the ribbing on the left front piece of the cardigan, I went to read the pattern for the next step. Thats when I saw “…change to larger needles.” It then occured to me that I never switched back to the smaller needles. I was soo frustrated with myself. I had to frog it completely, switch needles and start again. Its only three inches and I didn’t even get a chance to finish that yesterday. Life seems to just keep getting busier and busier each day. I don’t know how far I will get tonight. I have to run to Burlington after work then go pick up Tulo and go visit Charlie. Then pick up the hubby from work. So, its gonna be a busy night again.

I cna’t even make a promise to myself to read the pattern throughly to make sure this doesn’t happen again because I’m me, I like to skim, and read only the important stuff. Um…Svannah? IT’S ALL IMPORTANT!!!


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