do-re-mi and some other random things

Hahah found this on a blog I follow. Found it awesome and wish I could witness something like this one day!

Anyways on to more stuffs. Finally got some knitting in this weekend. Didn’t get terribly far but when I was looking over it today I found something kinda odd in the length and then realized that I had been using the smaller needles. Oh I was angry! I hate to rip out 6 inches worth. I don’t know if I’m gonna make my goal to finish by thr 15th of this month. We will see.

Last night I finally got to see two episodes of Sister Wives on TLC and OMG, its confusing and frustrating and makes me kinda angry. I felt bad for my husband because I kept asking him questions I know he doesn’t even know the answers too. I hate it but its interesting and wanna watch more. I know I’m crazy.

Also went to Plato’s Closet to sell some clothes on Saturday. It was my first time trying that and I gotta say I hate it. Will never do that again. First I had to wait 30-40 minutes, in store. I wasn’t allowed to leave. Then when it was my turn, they only bought two things because my things were either a) to plain, b) no name brand, or c) without butt pockets….how lame is that last one. So I wasted ove ra half hour of my time for $6. I was very angry with them!

My sister also send me some photos of my neices. Here is one of their many cute pics!

 Their shirts say Big Sister and Little Sister. So cute!

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