What went down on the 6th…

So the sixth was my birthday and anniversary all in one. Should I mention it was my first anniversary? We took the day off from work and we spent the day together. We went to look at some more houses. Hubby thinks he found the one he wants the most. Its a nice house, its just that the kitchen isn’t what I want it to be in size. Its beautiful….but tiny. Like bump your butt into the fridge as you open the dishwasher small. Thats really my only hang up. I spent most of my “trying to fall asleep” time thinking about what I could so with that kitchen to make it work for me.  I have a few ideas but we will see if thats the house we even try for. We plan to make anything we buy now into a rental property a few years down the road so thats another reason I’m thinking it would work…I don’t have to live with it for the rest of my life.

After that we went and had lunch with his family and see my Charlie, chilled for a while then headed home to check on Tulo. Then we went to look at a motorcycle for the Hubby. The guy wasn’t interested in the price Mando was willing to pay so that transaction didn’t go down.

Quick trip to Barnes and Noble. I got a book called Zombie Felties…super cute zombies to make and an owl mug. I really like owls. 🙂

Last thing we did was take a trip over to American Furniture Warehouse. We are in need of a bedroom set, new mattress and maybe even a new living room set. So we took a look around. Found some nice things and a set for a decent price but sadly, all the delivery fees, and having it transferred from the other warehouse just really jacks up the price….so we decided we would try to find a rent-to own kinda place.

Then dinner….originally the hubby made reservations at the Broadmoor. Super fancy place but I was like…I don’t wanna spend the big bucks for something I might not even like. We were gonna go to Fargo’s Pizza or Red Lobster but by the time we were done at the furniture store, we were both exhausted so we just got take out and went home.

Watched some good tv and knitted for the rest of the night.

Hubby still owes me one more birthday present and hopefully we can make it happen on Sunday.


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