Snow on the Peak!

Weather is odd today. Woke up to what could have sounded like the ocean only….I live in Colorado so I know it can’t be water. :p It was the wind. I don’t know wht it decided it wanted to pick up but its pretty wild today. Then on my way to work I decided to look up at Pike’s Peak and surprisingly there is snow up there today! Its the second time I have seen snow up there since moving here. I’m so excited to see what winter will look like. I love snow, always have and always will! I’m sure the snow will melt up on the Peak before the end of the day. Its not that cold here yet! Even at 14,000 ft!!!

Almost done with the right front piece of the cardigan. I have about 8 more inches to do and thats mostly shaping the arm hole. All I will have left to tackle will be sleeves and assembly. I just wish I could knit the sleeves in the round. Everything in this pattern is worked flat and I hate purling. I’m slow at it. And turning the work also takes away time from knitting. Oh well. I’m sure Ill get it done. I have most of tomorrow to knock a lot of it out. My goal is still the 15th and if I really get moving I’m sure I can make it, if not that weekend. 🙂

Happy knitting to me!


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