Getting there!

Saturday I was able to finish the right front piece of the cardigan. I’m scared that the pieces will all be different lengths and not look right when completed. But…i keep moving along, be pointless to stop now. I have blocked all three main pieces and they seem pretty close. Started the first sleeve also. Wish there was a way to knit it in the round and then when it came time to shape the cap of the sleeve, start knitting it flat. That would be cool. I hate knitting flat. Might have mentioned that before. 😉

I did think about it though. Starting something in the round and then going flat after a while. In my head it seems like it could work. Like…knit in the round to desired length and then when you get to the end of a round, just turn the work and start purling. Sounds very reasonable…but…in acutality…does it really work? I could test my theory but I’m so lazy and in a hurry.

Has anyone tried this before? Or could give me some kinda feedback about knitting in the round to going flat without breaking the yarn? Thanks!

P.s. I will try to add pictures very soon to this post on what the cardi looks like at this point!


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