I’m moving soon and desite everything good and bad about the whole general thing, I’m excited! We are only moving to the subards of Colorado Springs and there might not be much out there but, like I said, I’m excited. Its another 4-plex like I live in now. Only good parts, cheaper rent (and cheaper taxes), I actually get a screen door straight to the outside (don’t have that now and even though its on the verge of winter, I don’t care), there is a large, fenced back yard for the boys to be their puppy selves, and a working diswasher. Oh how I can’t wait to have a working diswasher! I think the only thing I might miss about the place I am in now is the neighborhood and location. Its very nice where I am now….and there are two grocery stores within walking distance.

I’m glad its not for a few weeks though, gives us time to pack and clean and make sure everything is good. When we moved from Kansas to Colorado, that was a hell day. We did everything in one day and then had to drive 5 hours. And then unpack. It was horrible.


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