Walls and Puppies….Part 2

So the dogs were home alone for 2 1/2 hours. In that time they had made a huge mess. they shredded some DVD cases, managed to spill beads everywhere, spread all my crochet hooks about….mind you, this hooks were in a zipper case pencil holder, start to destroy my step daughters bed and the worst of all…Tulo got himself a blue bingo dopper and decided to paint spots on the carpet, on his paws and some on his tail and on the bed spread. I was devestated.

Luckly I was able to clean most everything up before my schedule appointment (but wait there’s more below). One last thing to do will be clean up the blue off of Tulo tonight.

So, my landlord was supposed to show the apartment at 11 to some people since we are moving out. After stressing out about the mess and finally calming down, she calls. Its 11:10…”They cancelled, we won’t be coming”. WTH?!? Seriously…then she adds some BS about how it doesn’t matter what day we move out we still have to pay a full months rent per the lease.

After returning to work and reviewing the lease, there is no such wording that she stated. After reading it a few time, i found something that would constitute this lease invalid from the day we moved in if not following the lease makes it invaild that is.

Oh well. I just hope she gets a freaking  clue because I want out of there bad.

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