Walls and Puppies

Yesterday my husband got a call from our landlord and asked me to call her back. I was nervous calling her back because i was afraid she wasn’t going to let us out of our lease like she said she would. She is possibly the worst landlord ever. She has written things, and then changed it, said things and have not followed through….just a huge waste.

Anyway, when i finally got a hold of her, all she wanted was to ask if I coul dbe home around 11 so she could show the apartment. Relieved my nerves…but then added on stress when I realized I needed to fix the bathroom.

My puppies stay in the bathroom while my husband and I are at work. Sadly, they thought the wall tasted good and started eating it in several spots. So after work, the hubby and I had to make a stop at home depot for some paint (I had spackle from previously). We got home and I started to repair the walls. Long and tedious job. 😦 Hubby stopped me in the middle of it so we could run to Kohl’s for some rugs. We need to clean our carpets but we didn’t have enough time last night.

While we were out, this mini storm came blowing over the mountain. It was awesome….this white wall just came blowing over…I was like, “SNOW!!!!’ but when it reached me I realized it was only hail. Small lil balls of hail. Oh well. It was awesome to think snow will be here soon.

Back to the house….got home..finished the bathroom and then cleaned it, helped the hubby with dishes and then moved on to a bedroom. Most everything is good to go…just a few touch ups here and there and have to get the pups outta the house. i didn’t put them in the bathroom today so they wouldn’t mess with the walls so I really hope they didn’t make a mess in the room I left them in. I will be sad if I come home to a huge mess.

I hope that this is the only day of the week that the landlord has someone come to look at the apartment.


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