So, things have worked out since the last post. The pups only messed up a lil of the wall that I fixed. Nothing terrible that I can’t fix…just need to paint the whole wall since the paint we got turned out a lil darker than the color already on the wall.

Updates with life. My mother-in-law knew someone who had purchased a 4plex on the same street the hubby and I were gonna move to so we called her to see what she had to offer and what not. Let me tell you, this women and her husband had completely gutted out this 4plex and remodeled it. From all new appliances, new drywall, hardwood floors and everything. They are beatuiful. We were going to take the finished top apartment but then realized that we should take the bottom apartment to be nice to the people below since Tulo and Charlie like to bouce around like wild pups, which there are.

Anyway, so we move in on the 15th. Very very excited since the place is SOO FREAKING nice!! Everything these people are doing for use is awesome. Even finishing the fence before we move in for the puppies. Just amazing.

Also, have possibly three people coming to look at the place we are in now tonight. I hope one decides they like it and want to move in. My landlord is cool about it. She asked if she could just send me the application to have them fill out if interest.  I don’t care that I am doing her work. At least she is agreeing to this.

Halloween wasn’t much. Didn’t recieved any trick-or-treaters which was ok by me since we didn’t have any candy. Hubby and I didn’t do anything but watch “Get Him to the Greek”. We saw it in theaters back in kansas but we wanted to see it again.

Other than that…not much is going on. Just gonna keep working every day to get the house packed up and move things over to our new place during these next two weeks.


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