Knitty Bug!

I’m almost done with one sleeve for the cardi I am knitting! Finally got the knitting bug again!

Yes, I know my goal was to be completely finished with the cardi on October 15th but things just didn’t pan out that way. Like I mentioned in older posts, things have come up and I just haven’t felt or had time to pick up my needles and knit something so boring. But I’m almost to the end of the first sleeve. I’m a bit excited too.

So I am debating on how I want to knit this next sleeve. Do I work it flat like the pattern says and how I did the first sleeve (dreadfully boring)? Or do I knit it in the round and when it comes to shaping the cap/shoulder area, go to flat work or what? Does that even work? I’m have tempted to make a small swatch and see if my theory works but I don’t want to waste time either.

Does anyone know if this method works? I could use some insight. 🙂

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