Tattoos, Knitting and Boredom

Completed my first sleeve for the cardi last night. Very excited about that. I casted on the next sleeve also but didn’t get very far because it was bed time!!! I like bed time. I love sleeping.

back on track though…I decided to just knit the second sleeve flat like the pattern says since I don’t want to waste time if my theory doesn’t work or on making a swatch. I’d rather get it done, assemble the sweater and wear it (hoping it fits right and I don’t mess up the assembly).

No other updated or changes in my moving. Everything is still happening as mentioned previously as far as I know. Hubby hasn’t changed his mind on anything.

Work has been pretty boring. Boring enough that I spent the afternoon surfing the web. I have a few favorite blogs I like to check occasionally…no more like everyday. One in particular is called, How About Orange. She has some pretty cool stuff on her blog. The best part is the ‘time waster” section. So that’s exactly what I wanted to do yesterday, waste time. So, as I was scrolling down the page I came across one post about making your own desktop background and the pictures were pretty cool so I click on the link. Brings ya to X3 Studio. You can check out other people’s creations or make your own. I looked around and then saw this cool flower design and thought they would make an awesome tattoo. So I started playing around with creating my own lil background and I came up with this wicked-ass half sleeve tattoo!!

© Svannah Garcia

I am very much in love with this idea and can’t wait for it to become a reality. I don’t know how soon it will happen because I understand that it will cost a lot and take some good time to finish. Probably could do it in parts though…or if I find someone awesome enough….maybe a payment plan every time I go in to get more done. That would be wicked sweet! or maybe my hubby will pay for it for my christmas present. 😉

What do you want for christmas??


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