Almost There!

Just a few more things to move to the new place and we will be done.

I took yesterday off to be able to help my husband move the last of the big things from the old place to the new place. We had that all done by about 1pm. To include puchasing a new bedroom set and taking the dogs to get their rabies shots (story on that further down).

But just after that I can tell ya I was worn out. But it didn’t stop there. After all that, went to lunch, trip to walmart for some things, then back to the new place to start moving things around while anticipating the delivery of the bedroom set. Once that showed up I realized I needed to run to walmart for some sheets. Yes, I do own sheet but since we didn’t have a bed for a while, none of our queen size sheets were clean and the new washer and dryer for the 4plex aren’t installed yet. Hopefully today! So yea…got sheets and picked up some pizza for dinner.

Then a proceeded to make the bed room look pretty good. Made the bed, searched for clothes…put them in the appropriate dressers, rearranged the other bedroom so things could be accessable…and have more room for the incoming boxes we will have today. Then about wen to sleep fairly early. Very very comfy bed. 🙂

Sadly I was up at 2am because my poor Charlie was sick. he threw up 3 times within a half hour. I guess his rabies shot had finally got to him. Poor boy. I am hoping he is doing better today.

The trip to the vet was adventure. I loved seeing all the cute animals. There were a pair of mini chihuaua puppies and this super cute french bulldog mix. If I could have one, I’d be happy. Anyway….the best part of the vet, no not the hour long wait…but finding out how much my puppies weighed. And let me tell you..I was shocked!

Tulo comes in at a whooping 63lbs. That boy is a monster for only 6 months…lol. Charlie weights about 57lbs but looks a bit smaller than that. You can see he is smaller than his brother but not only 6lbs smaller. Still a cutie-pootie!!

P.S. Its been snowing lately the last few days!!!! Just not enough to stay.


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