Holiday, Family and Knitting

Man, last night I let myself get so cranky I nearly cried. By nearly, I mean tears rolling down my face. It was all over stupid stuff to. I don’t know what my problem was. But luckily I got over it and went to bed and slept soundly with my hubby. Even dreamed that I […]

My “Kids”

My puppies are crazy sometimes. Last night at 3am I was awaken by Tulo. He decided to climb up into bed with my and the hubby. Tulo’s way of climbing into bed is pretty funny. He doesn’t jump very well unless he has a running start, so what he does is to start, place his front […]


Its been a while, I know…and I understand. Its funny how it feels like I’m writing for a bunch of people but not many read my blog in the first place. Oh well, doesn’t really matter. The reason for my absent has been because I have been in training all week long. I’m sure most […]


I can’t believe how fast this year went. This time last year I was about to fly back to Germany after spending two weeks leave with my new husband. I was completely miserable. All I wanted was not to get on another plane…just stay with my husband and be happy. I’m glad where I am […]