I wish I had something awesome to talk about. All I got is what follows next.

Random things from this weekend…

  • Charlie jumps the fence non-stop and its getting outta hand.
  • While trying to get the pups in the house, I hear a small voice say “help”. I look around and find a lil kid on the other side of the fence laying flat on the ground with his bike on top of him. So I help. It was a lil funny.
  • Take the hubby to the ER sunday morning for an upper respitory infection (Feel well soon honey).
  • Charlie attempts to eat everything that might smell good to him. Thats a lot.
  • Attach mirror to dresser finally…but for some reason it tilts forward and looks funny.
  • Clean house and make step-daughters room livable for when she comes and visits for christmas. I even put some christmas lights up in her room to go with her pink christmas tree.

I don’t have any more decent stories from this weekend. Maybe I should right stuff down, make a note so I can remember everything. That might be a good idea.

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