My “Kids”

My puppies are crazy sometimes.

Last night at 3am I was awaken by Tulo. He decided to climb up into bed with my and the hubby. Tulo’s way of climbing into bed is pretty funny. He doesn’t jump very well unless he has a running start, so what he does is to start, place his front paws on the bed and then stetches as far as he can as he tries to lift one leg at a time (our bed is tall). It takes him a minute but he is getting better at it.

Anyways..last night. I get up to go to the bathroom after he got up. When I come back he is laying across my pillows with his head on the Hubby’s head. This is Tulo’s favorite spot on the bed. If he can’t lay there, he will lay on the floor. He is funny. So, I climb back into bed and notice one of my hubby’s pillows on the floor on my side of the bed…I grab it and get comfy on Tulo’s hind legs. Next Charlie climbs into bed. he is a bit better at this then his brother because he is a jumper. His favorite spot to sleep is next to me near the edge of the bed. So pretty much Charlie and I are spooning while I’m laying Tulo’s bum. What a picture huh? All the while my hubby is sleeping soundly…even through all the kisses that Tulo is giving him. At one point Tulo decided he wanted to curl up and rest his head on mine but this only lasted til he realized Charlie was on the other side of me…in which he stretched a lil further to rest his snout on Charlie’s snout. It was so cute!! Makes all the annoyances they cause cease for even just a  moment.

Then Charlie shakes him off. Finally Tulo gets uncomfortable and moves to the floor (not before stepping on my head) and then Charlie moves a few minutes after that. By then its 3.30am and I finally am able to curl up and fall back to sleep.

Maybe one day soon I will record a video of Tulo’s attempt to get on the bed so you can see how crazy he is. Til are two photos of Tulo from about a month ago.

His favorite spot on the couch....

His head is almost bigger than mine!

Yes…this is him about a month and a half ago….he is a big one. I would suspect him to weigh roughly 65lbs now. I had him weighed a month yea. I know he is still growing. His brother is about 5lbs lighter. But doesn’t help much since I am always picking him up to put him back over the fence into our yard. I told ya, he is a jumper!

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