Holiday, Family and Knitting

Man, last night I let myself get so cranky I nearly cried. By nearly, I mean tears rolling down my face. It was all over stupid stuff to. I don’t know what my problem was. But luckily I got over it and went to bed and slept soundly with my hubby. Even dreamed that I was in a zombie land lol.

Anyways, today I wanted to blog about the holidays and what is planned. I also have a crafty update too!!

So…family. Today the hubby’s aunt and uncle are flying in. I guess as soon as his aunt gets in she is taking my MIL shopping for christmas presents. I feel bad for her. i hope they don’t want me to come too because I’m going to be honest. I love shopping but I have been to the mall so many times in the last few weeks that I’m tired of it. Maybe if it’s the Chapel Hills Mall I’ll go but we will see. I am wondering what the UIL will be up too. I have not met him yet since they live in California, but I’d feel bad if they drag him along too. But then again…he might like shopping. I won’t know til tonight I suppose.

Also, the littles one of the family is on her way here now. My step daughter is driving (with her grandparents since she is only 7 lol) cross-country from Philadelphia to spend 4 days with us. As of last night she was an hour outside of St. Louis (East side). I’m amazed they made it that far in one day. I guess her mom bought her a cellphone also. So I think that’s pretty cool because the hubby can call her directly any time now.

So, tonight, if I’m not dragged out shopping. I plan to clean up the house some more, I need to get the bigger dinning room table for my MIL and make sure I have everything I want in its place. Yea I’m crazy but since I’m cooking the dinner and every one is coming over, I want to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible since it is so small of a place. I feel bad for my dogs. I know they are going to be so excited to have people over but they like to jump up and being as big as they are, I don’t see it as being a very good thing. So they will spend their time in their kennel. If only the fence wasn’t small enough for Charlie to jump I would leave them outside to play.

Overall, I see the holidays as being a very busy time.

On to another subject, I have almost finished the last sleeve of the cardigan I have been meaning to finish. I have even brought it to work today to try to get some more of it completed. I might even be lucky enough to finish it today but I shouldn’t hold my breath if tonight ends up being a very busy shopping spree.

So here I go, after publishing this I’m going to log onto some training for work and sit back and finish knitting. 🙂

I probably won’t blog again til after the holiday vacation. So you’re looking at possibly next Tuesday or Wednesday. Hang in there and have a wonderful christmas.

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