Day 4: Favorite Place

I have a lot of favorite places. Myeong-Dong in Seoul, South Korea Disneyland My bed when its warm But for just sitting back and looking and one day having a goal of climbing it…I chose Pike’s Peak. I get to look at it from my office window everyday. I love the mountains soo much. I […]

Day 3: Favorite Food

I like to eat. I do it when I’m bored. But I’m very very picky. Ask the hubby. He thinks I might be OCD about my food since I like only certain things and some of it has to be prepared a certain way for me to eat it. I know, its crazy but its […]

DailyPost Topic: Why did you start?

So why did I start blogging in the first place? That’s a tough one because I had started twice. The first time I started blogging was when I first joined the army and I learned about this thing called a blog. So, like anything else that new in the world of internet…I wanted to try […]