Welcome 2011!

So I have been away for a while. Who hasn’t? I enjoyed the holidays, had a bout with some kinda funky virus and was over all lazy.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks and a lot more might be happening soon. I have many goals or at least my list seems to keep growing. 🙂

So lets start here.

  • Goal #1: Get out of debt (that’s a big one)
  • Goal #2: Buy a house and possibly get pregnant! (Would be very exciting)
  • Goal #3: Follow Maedchenmitherz’s 28 Days of Journaling and trying my best to participate.
  • Goal #4: Participate in The DailyPost’s Postaweek2011. I don’t think I have enough going on in my life to post everyday…but if I do maybe I can switch over.
  • Goal #5: Get more views on my blog/subscribers/or be Freshly Pressed.

And I’m sure my list will continue to grow from there.

So for now, I’m back at work full time, glad the hecticness of the holidays is over and wondering if we will receive any more snow. Oh, yea we received our first real snow of the winter last thursday. It was pretty bad since no one was really prepared for it. Pile up’s everywhere. But I was happy to finally see my puppies get to enjoy their first snow!

Hope to see ya around here some more!


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2011!

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