DailyPost Topic: Why did you start?

So why did I start blogging in the first place? That’s a tough one because I had started twice.

The first time I started blogging was when I first joined the army and I learned about this thing called a blog. So, like anything else that new in the world of internet…I wanted to try it out. I had no knowledge on how to go about writing a blog, I just jumped right in. I started with Blogger or blogspot.com. That didn’t last but a month. I got bored and moved on with my life. I think Facebook started then.

I don’t remember the second time I started blogging again. All I know is that I picked it back up with Blogger and then decided to switch over to WordPress. At that time I actually knew a lil more and had a theme I wanted to roll with. I wanted very much to have a craft blog like all the blogs that I would read. Only problem there was, I don’t craft enough to blog about it. I’m a slow crafter.

Anyway, so I exported my Blogger blog and moved it here and then have continued since. I have taken many long breaks and have drifted from the crafty side. But I’m enjoying it and this Postaweek2011 challenge is really helping me stay on top of things.

So overall…I started really blogging because I wanted to showcase my craftiness to the world even though it never worked out. Though, I just started a second blog all about my two puppies, Charlie and Tulo!

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