In A Better Direction

In the last 5 months my life has changed a lot. It has all been for the better too.

In May, I left my emotionally, mentally, and at times physically abusive husband. I wish I would have found the courage sooner but I guess it just took time and finally seeing for myself how wrong it was for me to stay.

From there, I started living on my own for the first time. At first, it was hard. Finances weren’t the best and I had nothing to funish my new apartment. With the help of friends, I was able to acquire some free things to make my home more of a home.

Then things got lonely. I don’t do well alone. So I started dating. Keeping it casual, making a ton of friends. This was good. Then I met M. We chatted via text for a week before meeting but we clicked. I remember missing his converstations before we even met. We eventually had a fun first date, a good second and then he introduced me to his friends. After a month of just hanging out and chatting we finally decided to be exclusive. I find him amazing. Completely day to the night(mare) of my ex. M and I have been together for just over two months now.

In August, I was finally able to find a second job after searching since March. It doesn’t pay much and it can be a pain in the butt but its slowly helping with bills. I have set a goal to pay off debts by March 2012 and start the home buying process. I want a house that’s all my own.

On top of the second job, I have also dropped my monthly school payment. I will finally be a certified pet groomer. And with that out of the way, I am starting to think about going back to study to be a vet technition or a vet assistant at a local school. I think its time I get a job that I will actually enjoy instead of the two I’m in now. What could be more enjoyable and rewarding than working with animals?

My divorce was officially complete on the 30th of August!

Last but not least. I’m thinking about making gauged earrings and selling them on etsy. Again, this would be a financial help but would also be a way to do something creative again. I really want to make the most of my life and not regret anything. I want to be fully happy so I want to try whatever my heart desires.

So, I think my life is going in a much better direction.


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