Goals Update

I was looking through old posts from this year. Out of the handful I did post, a lot where not all that great. Then I noticed my post from January about goals for 2011. They have certianly changed or have been pushed to the side.

So since 2011 is almost over and my life has changed, I have decided to revise my goal list to reflect where I am now.

  • Goal #1: Get out of debt (that’s a big one)….still an original goal. This isn’t going to change.
  • Goal #2: Buy a house
  • Goal #3: I’m going to go to school to be a vet technition. I found a wonderful school and cannot wait to attend. I probably won’t start til early next year.
  • Goal #4: Don’t rush my new relationship with M. Just enjoy his company and see where things fall for us.
  • Goal #5: Be happy in my career field.

Really thats it right now. My life feels very hectic, I have something things on my plate but for now….those are my large goals for the next few months to a year. I will try to come back in January to see how I have progressed and see what my new goals might be.


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